Our Archibull Video Entry – an interview with Farmer Bron!




She is done! It has been a hard slog but we have made it finally.

We have learnt a lot and had a lot of fun along the way, now all our hard work and effort are out there for you all to judge!

Enjoy! We love our Archi!!

posted by the Berka Archibull Team

Berka is Branded!

Farmer Bron suggested that we put our brand onto “Mooo-vee” as all good cows should be branded!

We came up with a brand for her rump that “marries” Farmer Bron’s own home brand with our Berkeley Vale Campus emblem!

Here it is proudly painted on to her right rump area!

Farmer Bron – our Young Farming Champion Visits!

We had the very best day yesterday!

Our Archibull team got to meet the most awesome ambassador for Agriculture and Farming that there ever was!

Introducing ………Farmer Bron!

Farmer Bron checks out our school farm!

She spent the whole day with us and we had so much fun! We learnt about Emerald in Queensland and her family farm, that she is a fifth generation farmer and a little about the history of her family in Agriculture.  We got to learn about what she does for work and watch her really cool movie and listen to her story.  She emphasised to all of us about how important farming is to each and every person who lives in Australia (and the world for that matter!).  She checked out our Archi, ate morning tea and lunch with us and got dragged all over our tiny school farm.  She got to meet Keith (our Belted Galloway) and Jet (our Angus).  Farmer Bron was interviewed and photographed until exhausted.

Before we knew it our day was over and she was heading back down to Sydney (the “Big Smoke”) for a bit of rest and relaxation and a lot of sight seeing! But ……… not before we got a photo (or two) of her standing under our school sign!

We all had a wonderful day and will keep in touch with this awesome young lady for ever, the future of Agriculture is in very safe hands with inspiring people like Bronwyn Roberts out there spreading the good word!

Now …… a few photos from our Farmer Bronny Day!

Morning Tea and a quick chat on arrival in the library!

Checking out our Archibull entry in the art blocks with some of the team!

Getting up close and personal with “Mooo-vee” and our fabulous Art Teachers!

Farmer Bron meets Keith – one of our real live steers at out school farm!

Farmer Bron posing with Robbo – our videographer expert!

What more can we say? We LOVED having you visit Farmer Bron! You are welcome to come again any day! Thank you so much for showing us a tiny bit of your world!

Our Art Work Nears Completion!

Putting the finishing touches on our Archibull – check out how the “Arties” are going!

Mrs Hallam puts the final finishing touches on the “shirt”!

Go Mrs Hallam!! Look at all that paint!

The “jeans” are starting to look like jeans!

Mmmmmmm, anyone for a hamburger? Almost looks good enough to eat!